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Our Nowo machine range covers the whole production chain from the
initial bale opening to weighing and filling. We can handle most fibers
in the market and deliver individual stand-alone machines or complete production lines based on your specific needs. When combining Nowo´s machines with sewing and packing machines from ACG Kinna Automatic you cover the entire production chain from the initial fiber handling to a filled product going directly into the carton.

Under the NOWO brand we handle any of your raw materials and turn it into desired filling for your pillow and quilt production. We offer blow filling as well as vacuum filling machines. Today the famous brand NOWO is a part of ACG Kinna Automatic. NOWO is known for its experience and manufacturing of machines for the initial process of fibre opening, scaling and filling.
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machinery for pillow FILLING

ACG Nowo has over 35 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing filling equipment for various product categories such as pillows, sofa pads, toys, quilts etc.
We install on a global market, where automation is requested by our customers, to increase productivity and profitability.

Producers of filled products turn to ACG Nowo due to our vast experience and reputation on the market. Our machinery for pillows is known for its high output and accuracy as well as long life span.
Built in-house, means a guarantee that every part of your machine is according to our highly set standards. By offering a great support program, we are always at your service when needed.

If you are interested in machinery for filling of pillows, we handle any filling material from polyester to down also blended materials. So, what do you prefer?

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