Kinna Automatic
Raw material mixing / Bale opening
The current configuration has a mixing line with 3 bale openers where one has option to be filled by pneumatic transport system (production waste return). All bale openers are equipped with weight control and there can be any number of bale openers as well as feeders for non-fiber materials (foam chips, down and weather etc.)
Mixing / Pre-opening
Mixing/pre-opening is needed to have perfect mix of previously weighed materials. As an option, mixing can be replaced with a fine opener for blow fill applications or usage of direct feed from bale opener.
Different types and size of silos are available, as well as dividing boxes up to metal catchers.
Infeed silos for carding machine
There are two main types of silos: volumetric silo - simple and cost effective but no actual weight control, and continuous weight control silo - more complex and expensive which has more precise weight control.
Carding machines
We have refurbished carding machines in widths 2000mm to 2500mm, capacity range from 150-250kg and brand-new carding machine with width of 2000mm and capacity up to 400kg/hour.
Cross lapper
Articulated conveyor type cross lapper is one of the most cost-efficient cross lappers for low to medium precision web lapping applications, i.e: quilted materials, non-visible wadding products, in front of needle push applications, for carded roll filled products.

Complete carding line

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