Kinna Automatic

NW-684 filling line

The dosing silo provides constant fiber flow to the scales. Each scale has independent fiber filling, emptying to pillow and dosing pipe connections. Standard scales are 200L. Additional option is to have 2 fillings per pillow, however that will reduce production capacity 50%

Technical data:
  • Each scale is able to make 3-4 cycles/minute
  • Weight range 300-1000g (with some limitations 200-2000g)
  • 2 filling per cycle option
  • Tolerance 1-3%
  • Suitable for down/weather as well as microfiber
  • Suitable for dusty materials

  • 2 and 6 scale options available as standard (custom configurations are possible)
  • 2 filling cabinets with 1 nozzle each
  • 2 filling cabinets with 2 nozzle each
  • Horizontal blow fill and 1 nozzle
  • Vertical blow fill and 2 filling nozzles
  • 1 filling cabinet with 2 filling nozzles and outfeed conveyor

Highly modular line with more configurations available on request

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