Kinna Automatic

NW-662 carding machine

Refurbished card working width is 2.000 mm or 2.500 mm, contact type metal detector at card feeding.

  • Two feeding rollers: cleaning roll and flickering roll
  • Main cylinder ø 858 mm
  • 3 workers ø 211 mm
  • 3 workers ø 119 mm
  • One doffer roller ø 858 mm
  • Two randomizing rolls ø 270 mm each
  • Rotating comb

All reused components are fully restored. The rest of the carding machine is brand new – infeed silo, covers and safety equipment, comes with modern PLC control and automation components.

Technical data
  • Up to 250kg/hour
  • Working width – 2.000mm or 2.500mm

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