Kinna Automatic

NW-601 roll D

Fully automatic process to make fiber ball from opened fibers.

NW-601 roll d consists of 2 rotors for increased output. The fiber enters rotor 1, from NW-540 silo with frequency-controlled ventilator for optimal capacity and quality control. From rotor 1, the fiber exits to NW-540 silo, from which fiber is fed into rotor 2, by frequency-controlled ventilator. Finally, fiber exits rotor 2 via output ventilator. After output ventilator there need to be a silo large enough to allow NW-601 roll d to operate long continuous cycles.

Inside the machine there is a conical rotating assembly with several friction plates, which turn open-fiber into ball-fiber. The speed and load of rotor is precisely controlled by PLC as well as fiber amount and flow parameters, inside the fiber transport pipe system.

Technical data:
  • Production: up to 350 kg/h
  • Length: 3800 mm
  • Width: 3500 mm
  • Height: 4500 mm (with NW-540 silo)

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