Kinna Automatic

NW-400 bale opener

The NW-400 bale opener is used for short and medium length fibers. It has double horizontal conveyor and can be loaded with full bales of any dimension and weight. First conveyor can be extended to desired length.

The opening of the bale is done by a spiked apron conveyor, which has modular design and in case of damage can be repaired (unlike PVC conveyor which must be replaced) and it is driven by an inverter. The combing roller and the discharge roller are driven by separate gearmotors. Edges of conveyors are well protected. The fiber and spiked apron conveyor have low pressure fan blowing inside, to minimize cleaning and maintenance.

Technical data:
  • Working width: 1200 mm or 1500 mm
  • Production: up to 800 kg/h
  • Length (standard machine): 6000mm
  • Width: 1700mm/2000mm
  • Height: 2500mm
  • Infeed conveyor (standard machine): 2500mm

  • Hydraulic bale loader
  • Custom length infeed conveyor
  • Cyclic or continuous weight at output
  • Direct fan output

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