Kinna Automatic
Edge control and buffer between KA-1041 and KA-166
Distribution conveyors
Conveyor system to packing
Weighing scale for quilts

Longitudinal packing +
KA-183 longitudinal folding machine
KA-105 longitudinal rolling machine

KA-184 cross folding machine

Packing into carton +
KA-148 fully automatic packing into carton
KA-159 semi-automatic packing into carton

Quilt Dispenser system

The cut product is distributed to the first free operator´s bottom ramp station. Once the operator releases a product from its parked position a new piece will automatically be distributed. Hence a new product is always ready in the parked position.

The sewing table conveyor is synchronized with the sewing machine and reverses at high speed to assist turning the product which makes handling of large products suitable (quilts, bedspreads etc.) After sewing, the operator sends the finished product to the fold and packing machine.

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